August 2016
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22 Jun 2016 
Bola Tangkas 88

Sit on the ground with your legs facing you (raised at the knee). Out of your knee down to your own feet forms a pleasant ramp that you can take a club and place at the top so that the knob end fits on your own legs and only let go. The club should roll your leg down, until it reaches you then roll in a circle. Practice picking up it and letting it roll down your leg in the other direction. This really is like a cascade pattern!

This is where you balance on the rola bola so it seems like you are surfing (eg feet both pointed in precisely the same direction, along the board, and in a slight crouch position). Best advice would be to work in the surfing place again, but with your feet through the conventional balance tricks!

From keeping a light contact with your support, and a conventional balance location, let the board move. Placing all of your weight on that foot (the farthest foot from the cylinder), the end of the board should touch the floor gently. Do this as slowly as possible as there is absolutely no point in crashing the board to the earth! Attempt this move until you able to do it without holding on to any support. If you discover that the board crashes to the earth, then it means that you've gotn't changed your weight correctly.

Slowly lower yourself into a crouching posture, then lift yourself back up to a bola tangkas asia. While lowering yourself, it can not be difficult to totally lose your balance because your centre of gravity is also shifting, so take your time and be attentive! Stand on the cylinder and try to move forward (similar to using a Walking Globe). Possibly this could be your trick that is opening where the cylinder is at one side of the room, and the board is in the centre of the stage?

If you discover that when you make an effort to balance, you start floating to one side and you end up falling off or coming to some stop with one end of the board on the ground, then keep in mind that you need to get a load of your weight briefly off the side of the board you are floating towards. If you picture a set of scales with equal measures on each side, and then you add some more weight to one side, then the scales would tip towards that end. If the weights were subsequently put into another side also, then you'd counterbalance and return to a balance movement that is normal!
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22 Jun 2016 
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